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Our Dog Product Recommendations

Find our pet product recommendations below! Most have clickable links that will bring you to our exact recommended product on Amazon or the company website! Tried and true by us, we are not endorsed by any of these companies. 

Collars, Leashes, & Harnesses

Dog with Leash

Bowls, Beds, & Crates

  • Crate: Impact

Puppy Drinking_edited.jpg


Border Collie with a Bone_edited.jpg


Eating Puppy_edited.jpg


  • Daily Brush: 

  • Deshedding Brush: 

  • Comb: 

  • Detangler: 

  • Shampoo: 

  • Conditioner: 

  • Wipes: 

  • Nail Grinder: 

  • Eye Wipes: 

  • Ear Cleaner: 

Dog Grooming
A Puppy Playing with a Toy


White Dog

Deterrents & Cleaning

First Aid & Supplements

  • Cone/Elizabethan Collar

  • Natural Aids (Earth Animal)

  • Paw Protectant

  • Sunscreen

  • Vitamins

  • Hip & Joint Supplements

  • Allergy Supplements

  • Dietary Supplements: Tripe (K9 Naturals)

  • PlaqueOff Powder

  • Dental Chews: Zuke's, Whimzees, PlaqueOff,

Veterinary Services
Dog Food

Food & Food Toppers


Training Tools & Other Supplies

Going for a Drive

The links to products are connected to Amazon and their Amazon Affiliate program, if a product is purchased through the link, we may get a small commission. 

Product recommendations that are training tools or aids are not a 'cure-all'. Most need to be paired with other products and/or training to be fully effective. Food and supply recommendations are not intended to replace medical advice, nutritional advice, and/or medications from a veterinarian or nutritionist. We do not provide any professional medical advice or prescribe any medications. Please consult your local veterinarian for medical aid. 

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